Late Night Radio

LATE NIGHT RADIO (2014 album)

1. Drunken Man
2. Late Night Radio
3. First World Problem
4. Lady Luck
5. Mother Earth’s Love
6. Red Underwear
7. Double Denim
8. The Real You
9. Population 10,000
10. C'mon Precious
11. Always

Feelin' Fooled

FEELIN' FOOLED (2012 album)

1. Dad's Stoned
2. Feelin' Fooled
3. Soul Mining
4. Ain't No Cure For Love
5. Mostly All Of The Time
6. Cool Change
7. Spider Fingers And Hearts
8. The New Black
9. What Goes On
10. Gods Waiting Room
11. Drifting
12. Recycling Girl

Shark Den Blues


1. Gods Waiting Room
2. The Other Side
3. Glad Eye
4. All I Wanna Do Is Drink
5. That Lucky Old Sun


MIGRATION (2009 album)

1. River Of Life
2. She Lights Up
3. Main Street
4. Why Did You Come Around
5. Professor Longhair
6. Money Tree
7. Dropout
8. Jealousy
9. Biggest Fan
10. Somebody Else's Day
11. Cowboys Will Kill You
12. Dark Star

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President Roots discography

Late Night Radio (album)

President Roots' 2014 album was financed by a successful crowd funding campaign that made fifty percent more than its target. The album was mastered by Golden Sounds in California to sound best on affordable quality headphones (Senheisser hd202) with which it was recorded.

Feelin' Fooled (album)

2012 sees President Roots return to the fold with Feelin' Fooled, the full length follow up to 2009's critically acclaimed debut, Migration. Whilst fans were treated to a taste of what Feelin' Fooled has to offer with the EP Shark Den Blues released late last year anticipation for new President Roots tunes has rightly hit fever pitch in recent times.

Recorded at the same session at The Sorrento Football Club as Shark Den Blues and capitalising on that same relaxed yet compelling vibe, Feelin' Fooled captures the band at its best - served raw.

Whilst showcasing the band's intuitive feel, Feelin' Fooled also sees President Roots surveying new musical, thematic and emotional territories. Says songwriter Simon Dodd : "We wanted the album to be like lots of little snapshots; as if you were rooting through someone's photo album for the year. We wanted to reflect the band's ability to kick start a party as well as include some more thoughtful, reflective songs that might even make you a little misty eyed. While on the surface the record may seem to be full of harmonious happy sounds, there is an underlying darkness to many of the songs. Balancing darkness and light is, we believe, one of the keys to all great art."

One of these darker snapshots is Cool Change, a modern blues folk disaster song that recalls the horrific Victorian Bush Fires of 2009. The band further consider social issues in Recycling Girl, which was written specifically for Apollo Bay's 2011 Earth Hour concert - the live applause at the track's conclusion is from that very night.

Since Shark Den Blues hit the number one spot on the AirIt Charts (and stayed there for several weeks) the band have found spiritual homes and appreciative fans in the Apollo Bay and Queenscliff Music festivals as well as at several locales along the east coast. Following the release of Feelin' Fooled the band look forward to taking their signature brand of evocative roots rock to audiences nationwide.

Shark Den Blues (EP)

President Root’s latest release Shark Den Blues was captured at a particularly productive session upstairs in The Shark’s Den, Sorrento Football Club in June 2010.

These first five tracks, picked from from the twenty or so tracks recorded at this week long session, delve deep into the bands love of all things bluesy. Whether it be the gospel inspired Gods Waiting Room, the unashamedly drunken blues of All I Wanna Do Is Drink, the melancholic Lucky Old Sun or the amphetamine fueled Glad Eye, these songs will take you on a journey.

The band recalls how friends and family would drop in, and join the party. Guests would be invited to jam, shake a tambourine, sing along or even pull out a trombone. In-between takes, the football might come out, and there’d be some frantic running around until we all realised just how unfit we were. Sweet times.

Stumbling upon this unlikely recording venue turned out to be a real find for the Roots. What came out of the speakers on playback is pretty much what you hear on these final mixes. Capturing their live sound better than ever, this could be the band’s Exile on Main Street, their London Calling. Shark Den Blues is a snapshot of a band, laden with new material and brimming with confidence. On this EP the reins are taken off and the performances shine. Just in case your wondering ... yes, the Sharks did win the premiership this year.

Migration (album)

The Roots debut album is Migration, a title that reflects the movement from city to country made by band members prior to calling the Mornington Peninsula home. The product of two years of writing, recording and rehearsing, Migration was recorded on a minimal budget with generous contributions from Julian Mendelsohn (Paul McCartney, Pet Shop Boys, Kate Bush) and Mark Frith (The Electric Soft Parade, Gay Dad, Tom McCrae). The album sits comfortably in the Americana, alt-country and folk-rock genres, with songs are optimistic, catchy, well crafted and honest.


In order of release: She Lights Up (2009), Professor Longhair (2009), Spider Fingers & Hearts (2011) and Feelin' Fooled/Cool Change (2012).

She Lights Up  Professor Longhair  Spider Fingers & Hearts  Feelin' Fooled/Cool Change