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President Roots are an alt-country, folk-rock outfit of smile-inducing consequence. Their debut album Migration, distributed by Vitamin Records, was released in June 2009.

The band brought down the house at the Apollo Bay Music Festival 2010 and appeared as special guest’s at Mick Thomas's legendary Corner Hotel Christmas shows the same year. The Roots have won a few competitions including the PBS Festival of Song (2005), Tamworth’s Battle of the Bands (2008) and the ABC Songwriting Competition (2010).

On 11th October 2010 President Roots released a 5 track EP, Shark Den Blues, recorded live at the Sorrento Football Club. The song Gods Waiting Room from this EP hit the number one spot for several weeks as the most played track on Australian Community Radio.

In 2011 had the pleasure of rocking out at the Queenscliff Music Festival, Apollo Bay Music Festival and Between the Bays festival as well as undertaking an east coast tour.

With killer songs and cool grooves ‘The Roots’ made a big impression in 2012 with their second full length release Feelin’ Fooled which hit the airwaves in March and was one of the most played records on community radio that year.

2013 sees the band making a 'Cool Change' of their own, packing up their Aussie homes and sojourning to the UK. There's even a third album in the pipeline so watch this space!

President Roots are ...

Simon Dodd - guitar/vocals/harmonica/piano
Pete ‘Smokey’ Dawson - bass/vocals
Greg Coles - drums/percussion/vocals
Tony Byrne - keys/vocals



Soulshine Music - What President Roots are, is an alt-country, folk-rock outfit of smile-inducing consequence. If you fail to enjoy this collection of twelve tracks, then you’ve been lobotomised. President Roots have crafted a joyous musical occasion, scratched it into optical form, stuck it in a cardboard case and sent it to music stores country wide. Don’t miss it.

Sam Fell, Rhythms Magazine - An absolute alt. country corker ,a debut album anyone would be proud of.

Cow Recommends ‘09, Internet Music Forum - A fluid, multifaceted ensemble built on the immaculate songwriting of one Simon James Dodd, President Roots’ decision to deploy mandolins, lap steel and acoustic guitars alongside their frontman’s wonderful melodies will inevitably see debut album Migration marketed as an exceptional country album – but Migration deserves a much wider audience than such accolades will deliver them. This is not to say that Migration isn’t a country album – the band’s instrumentation alone would mark it as such even if Dodd’s drawling vocals or the band’s fondness for bluegrass harmonies didn’t – but it’s the kind of country album whose appeal easily stretches across genre boundaries.

Jon Wolfe, Capital News - President Roots have made a splash with their live shows and this album solidifies a well earned reputation for fine songs and great playing.

Chris Havercroft, X-press, Perth - President Roots have considerably more to offer than many of the stale acts currently entrenched in the roots circuit.

Nicole Rushbrook, The Place, Queensland - An interesting mix of rock, pop, urban with a hint of country. This album will have something for all.

Brian Wise, RRR Melbourne 2009 - Congratulations it’s a great album!

Chris Lambie - Bands like this oughta loathe overnight sensations like Justin Bieber. Based on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula, they’ve been paying dues and honing skills since 2005 and it shows. Released some time ago, Migration has been played on Triple J and community radio but has wide commercial appeal stamped all over it. Songwriter / frontman Simon James Dodd has irresistible hooks, accessible themes and fine delivery working here on all levels. Alt-country? Southern-fried cowboy rock? Whatever you wanna call it, Migration has found a home in my collection.

Unpaved - For most of us, music is an ineluctable indulgence for the soul and one of life's most joyous pursuits. When we put our earphones in, we’re doing it for our enjoyment and ours only. Hearing a band enjoy playing as much as you enjoy listening enriches the experience ten fold, which is exactly what you can expect from President Roots. After their debut record Migration was released in 2009 to critical acclaim, the Mornington-Peninsula lads are back with their second album Feelin’ Fooled.   ... read more

Buzz Magazine - When you see the opening track on Melbourne 4 piece group President Roots’ new album is called 'Dad's Stoned' you instantly think, "have I stumbled upon a parody album". But that certainly isn’t the case. No far from it to be honest. Instead Feelin’ Fooled is one of the best mix of alternative country and rock that you are ever likely to hear. The fore mentioned track actually turns out to be a great acoustic track that has a real Tim Rogers feel to it, while the album’s title track is smooth laid back and you can easily imagine it being the perfect track to listen to while you are chilling in a pub. 'Soul Mining' sees President Roots go real country (not that that is a bad thing when you are talking about these guys) while ‘Ain’t No Cure For Love’ is one of those catchy songs that is so infectious it will just get stuck in your head.   ... read more

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